Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Experience with the Photo Essay

While the photo essay is something different and gives us a break from writing long dull and boring papers. But I don't find myself as the creative type so finding photos to create and show an argument has been a hard time. I still do not have all my photos for the essay and need to go back to my dads work over the weekend so that I can take more photos. I'm still not exactly sure how I'm going to create my arguments with these photos yet and need some time to plan out what kinds of photos I'm going to take. I don't know what it is but I just prefer doing a regular essay over this, for me a regular essay is just so much more simple even thought it is more time consuming. For my photo essay I never had a clear topic on what I was going to do until a couple days before the rough draft was due and one of my dads friend with a police dog came over and I overheard him talking about raising money so that he could buy his dog a bulletproof vest, this made me think back to when I was at my dads work a couple of weeks ago and in the parking lot I saw the police training K-9 units to sniff out drugs in cars. Thinking of this kind of made me mad that the police dogs put their life on the line for society everyday and yet we can spend some money to make sure they are protected. Overall while I have a great idea on what I want to do with my photo-essay, the problem is finding photos to help create this argument, and since we can't use photos over the internet, it is up to me to go out and take pictures of these dogs. This is hard for me since the only time I can get these pictures is during the weekends when I go and visit my dad's work,

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