Thursday, April 3, 2014

Design Plan for Research Paper

For my paper I plan to focus on animal rights. . My introduction will focus on what exactly animal rights are and why they are important. My first main body paragraph will talk about animal testing and is experimenting on animals ethical, Does animal testing really save life’s or is it just used for products that are considered for just more of a personal use, things such as shampoo and perfume. Also what are some alternatives to animal rights? My second body paragraph will talk more about animal abuse and cruelty and is it a human’s obligation to protect animals. Are zoos ethical and do we have the right to take them anyway from their natural habitat to put them on display.  This paragraph might also focus on animal mills and kennels and what moral and ethical challenges are involved. The other side of the argument that I will bring up is that animal experimentation can save lives. In this paragraph I will show some alternatives to animal testing and bring up the ethical challenge with animal testing. My conclusion will do a quick overview and sum up my reasons for animal rights and bring up the moral challenges that come with animal rights.  These paragraphs might be switched around depending on what the strongest point is. My strategies for this paper is to make my audience feel sad for animals and make them feel like animals are equal to humans. I am trying to evoke emotion within my audience by informing them of the harsh treatments that goes on within these animal testing factories. I will arrange my essay so that my strongest point goes last and the rest of the paragraphs build up to it.  I will do this so that my essay ends on a strong note because that is what the audience will remember.

I hope to create the argument that taking away animal rights is wrong and unethical. Some people might disagree on how I see this because animal testing can be used to save lives but I believe that most people will agree with me and come to terms with the issue I create about animal rights. I do not know a lot about my argument and but I do know some about the harsh conditions that surround animal rights and cruelty. As of now I think that animals deserve rights but maybe I will change my mind after doing some research and see what cures have come from animal testing. To conduct my research I am going to look at both sides of the argument first and get a perspective on both sides.  I plan on using sites such as PETA, which are pro animal rights and have been fighting for years on trying to get animals more rights. But I also plan on using other websites such a protesting so that i can get both sides of the argument. I hope to learn exactly what animal rights are and about the ethical and moral challenges that are faced when it comes to animal rights. My current position is that animal’s should have more rights and that using animals for profit is wrong.

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